What to look for in a tattoo parlor?

Maybe you already know which tattoo to get, but you’re now looking for a tattoo studio. So, here’s what to look for in a tattoo parlor?



When you schedule your appointment, how do they treat you? And in the tattoo parlor, are they polite? How do you feel? It is all key in order to feel safe in the environment. If they do make you feel relaxed, you know it’s the right place. Our Fine Line Tattoo Artists Chicago will provide you with an excellent service. Thus, you don’t have to worry about that in Stray Tatts.
What to look for in a tattoo parlor



It is really important to feel comfortable around the tattoo artist. This is a key factor to take into consideration. Where can you fell safe and relaxed? At Stray Tatts. Our artists demonstrate the highest level of expertise. They can guide you through your whole experience. We know how important your tattoo is for you. This is why we only use the best equipment and techniques. We make sure you feel comfortable since it takes a while to get a tattoo done.


Tattoo parlors should offer complete sterility and cleanliness. This is even of more importance nowadays. At Satry Tatts, we have implemented the regulations and guidance needed. Your safety is our priority. We follow state regulations for body art establishments for your security. So, why wait? Our Tattoo Studio Chicago is waiting for you.
We use only the very best state-of-the-art equipment. Also, needles and all our equipment are new and properly sterilized. Hygienic guidelines are followed for your security. And all of our workers use disposable gloves and follow all the guidelines. You can take a look around to assure yourself that our Tattoo Studio Chicago is a safe place. What to look for in a tattoo parlor? Stray Tatts has everything you need. Come and get your best tattoo Chicago. We are waiting for you.

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