What are some cool best friend tattoos

What are some cool best friend tattoos?

You’ve surely thought of getting a tattoo with your bestie in the best tattoo studio Chicago. So, what are some cool best friend tattoos? Take a look at our guide.

Small Tattoos

Even the smallest tattoos mean a lot. Fine line tattoo artists can make the best out of it. Also, it doesn’t hurt that much and it is not expensive. Thus, it can be a good idea for a first tattoo. You only have to choose a cute small design in the ink color you and your bestie prefer. You can have your initials tattooed or a reference to a book or movie.


What are some cool best friend tattoos

Best Friend Tattoos

If you and your best friend decide to go for the obvious best friend tattoos… Well, they’ll never stop being iconic. Matching tattoos are definitely adorable. A very popular design is to get trees as they symbolize life. For a different touch, you can have them in white ink by white ink tattoo artists Chicago.
What are some cool best friend tattoos

Cute Tattoos

When it comes to tattoos, it’s all about your personality. Thus, for that sweet side of yours, get a cute tattoo. You can get a cartoon character or cute animals like deers and koalas. Remember that there’s no limit. Take the design you like the most to the tattoo artist.

Quote Tattoos

Getting a quote tattooed must be one of the most popular requests. Quotes have this poetic way to symbolize important parts of our lives. You can have the first half tattooed and your bestie the other one. It is beautiful if you think about it. You complete each other.
Do you know what are some cool best friends tattoos? The ones you get in safe establishments. Remember to always to go to a tattoo shop that follows all regulations for body art establishments. Safety comes first! Take care of yourself and your bestie. For more information about best friends tattoos, consult our website.

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