How much is a hand tattoo?

Getting a hand tattoo is ironically a big decision. It is true that our hands are often the center of attention. So, how much is a hand tattoo?
Take this decision seriously. We greet, eat and drink with the help of our hands. They can catch people’s attention because of a manicure, a ring or a tattoo. You may be wondering what design to get or what Tattoo Studio Chicago to choose. Here’s a helpful guide about these important factors and how they affect the final price.

 Details and designs

Some tattoo designs take more work than others. Take for example a small black tattoo in comparison to a big full-color one. This is a key factor in the final cost. Usually, black-line tattoos are more expensive due to the complex details and designs. But this isn’t always the case. If your tattoo doesn’t need much precision, it’ll be cheaper.

Size and time

Several tattoo artists charge by the hour. Because hands are of a complex nature, they can more time. Now, add the price of your chosen design. But this isn’t always the case. Some other tattoo artists charge per piece.

The tattoo artist

Well-known artists with years of experience will charge a little more. Either way, there’s no “cheap” tattoo, affordable yes. It’s also about the quality of your tattoo. Take into consideration that tattoos are part of your body. Go to a fine line tattoo artist for the best results.
And, what about the price? Well, for a partial hand tattoo, most artists charge $100, while a full hand tattoo costs around $190.
how much do hand tattoos cost
how much do hand tattoos cost



Thus, how much is a hand tattoo? Well, it mainly depends on where you go. Stray Tatts offers you high-quality tattoos at affordable prices. Here, your safety is our number one priority. We follow state regulations for body art establishments for your security. So, why wait? Your hand tattoo is waiting for you.

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