How detailed can a tattoo be?

We know details matter to tattoo lovers. Some of you may be wondering: How detailed can a tattoo be?
There are some works of body art that are as precise as detailed tattoos. Even the most impressive tattoo pieces take a few looks to really see how detailed the tattoo is. And this, of course, depends on the artist’s skills and techniques. Since today many choose small tattoo designs, the detailing is an important part of these tattoos. They are mainly behind the ear, in the wrists, or in the toes. The detailing can be subtle, but it does make the difference.
The most popular pieces include detailed animals and stars. And we understand why. These detailed popular pieces stand out in the crowd. Why? You may ask. Well, it’s all about the details. You can appreciate the intricate detail that goes into designing a custom tattoo. Our fine line tattoo artists in Chicago spend hours so that you get the desired results, as it should be. Don’t expect less from our Tattoo Studio in Chicago.
How detailed can a tattoo be

Detailed tattoos can only be achieved by talented artists

How detailed can a tattoo be? Ask your tattoo artist. It’s mainly up to him. Think it through before you agree to a detailed tattoo. And if you decide to carry with it, there’s no better option than Stray Tatts.
You can check our portfolio to have a more clear idea of your desired tattoo. So, no matter the style, our team will know how to handle it as we have the best tattoo artists in the city. 
If you’re looking for white ink tattoo artists Chicago, visit us today. White ink is perfect for highlighting your tattoo! Also, Stray Tatts follows state regulations for body art establishments for your security. We’re waiting for you! 

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