Over 20 years of tattooing experience. Our tattoo artist are trained and certified in all aspects. Need a tattoo design? We offer custom design services. Have a design ready? We love to see your ideas!  No matter the project at hand, we’re always up to a good challenge. 




We are located in the heart of the historic Little Village neighborhood in Chicago’s South Side.

StrayTatts is a fully licensed tattoo shop. We use only the very best state-of-the-art equipment and have established the highest levels of cleanliness.  

Who we are?

We are a team of the best artists specialized in tattoos who serves the area since long time ago.We wanted to share our talent with the world so decided to work together and create our own business to give you the best you deserve. Our artists are passionate for design and you will find us always working on something new for you!

What matters to us?

The quality of our designs, the hygiene of our products and the satisfaction of our clients is of paramount importance to us. So, we will always care about your needs and we will give you what you have always dreamed of

What do we do?

We specialize in any type of tattoos. Portraits, fine-line, mystical, space age, sensitive, realistic, tribal, cartoon or any style you think of we can do it. For you to get the best job, we pay attention to the skin care before and after the tattooing and we have an excellent gear to create nice lines and colors.

How we do it?

We work with appointments only. You can reach us by our web page or by any of our social networks to schedule your session with us so you will not waste time. Previously, we can send you a custom quote depending on the size, color, style and general description of your tattoo!

Now that you know about us, we want you to come and visit us to share your ideas and become part of our family!

What to expect from a Chicago Tattoo Artist?

  • A tattoo artist can help you customize any tattoo so that you have a unique piece tattooed in your body. This is definitely something to look for in tattoo artists.
  • Professional portfolios so that you have an idea of the tattoo artist’s work.
  • Our artists have experience in lettering in many languages and graphic styles. But not just that, they can handle anything. From realism tattoos, watercolor tattoos, illustrative tattoos, to fine line tattoos.
  • Our tools and techniques make us perfect tattoo artists. Also, we guide you through the process and help you with the design of your tattoo. If you want vivid colors or classic black and white, we can do it!
  • We want to reflect your true self in the most authentic way possible. Our artists will provide you with an excellent customized service.
  • Both our artists and clients benefit from our professional environment. You know it’s the right place if you can be relaxed.
  • We can guide you through your whole tattoo experience. Since the moment you walk in, we help you make your tattoo decisions. Also, we have some recommendations for your tattoo aftercare.


How can our tattoo artists help you?

If you’re looking for a unique tattoo, we have a complete guide for you. First, explore your space options so that our artist and you begin brainstorming tattoo ideas. Our tattoo artists in Chicago, IL will do their best to draw your desired tattoo design. Also, we’ll help you decide between vivid colors or a classic black or white. But always consider maintenance, mostly for vivid colors since they need touch-ups. Thus, wait no longer, our high-quality tattoo ink will leave you wanting more.
In case your skin isn’t holding pigmentation. We also offer Vitiligo Tattoo Correction. Many who suffer from skin-affecting disorders choose to tattoo. And don’t worry, we provide each client with excellent service.

The Best Tattoo Shop in Chicago

Our tattoo artists demonstrate their talent on your tattoo. Our tools and techniques are meant to give you the best results. Our Custom Tattoo Shop offers custom tattooing from the most experienced artists. Also, they guide you through the process and help you with the design of your tattoo.
Our goal is to provide you the best experience. Each of our clients is satisfied with our tattoo services. Our skilled artists make sure to create a unique tattoo that reflects who you really are.
Furthermore, our skilled artists are professionals in tattoo cover-ups and tattoo enhancement. So, why wait? Schedule your appointment online for your convenience. Do not hesitate to send us what you have in mind so we can discuss the details of your deluxe tattoo. Also, we follow hygienic guidelines for your security. We take every step necessary to implement the regulations and guidance needed. Your safety is our priority.

Our Work

chicago tattoo artist
chicago tattoo artist
chicago tattoo artist

Where to find the best tattoo artists in Chicago?

Our tattoo artists in Chicago offer a blend of different styles. We take our job seriously to treat every tattoo as a work of art. Thus, if you’re looking for Tattoo Studios, Stray Tatts is the best choice. We want to reflect your true self in the most authentic way possible. Our artists will provide you with an excellent customized service. Schedule your appointment now to get your deluxe tattoo! We guarantee you high-quality ink and state-of-the-art equipment.

Above all, we are the best tattoo studio in a relaxed environment. And that offers experienced tattoo artists. We take care of everything from the design to the procedure itself. Looking for personalized service? Visit us today.


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