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We are located in the heart of the historic Little Village neighborhood in Chicago’s South Side. StrayTatts is a fully licensed tattoo shop in Chicago.

We are known to be the best tattoo shop in Chicago because our talented artists can deal with a variety of styles, such as portraits, fine line, mystical, space age, sensitive, realistic, tribal, cartoon and even more!

Therefore, in our tattoo studio you will find a great selection of designs to choose from or you just can share your sketches with us and we will stick to your needs. So, no matter the style, our team will know how to handle it as we have the best artists in the city. 



Tattoo Styles

Stray Tatts has  over 20 years of tattooing experience. Our tattoo artist are trained and certified in all aspects. Need a tattoo design? We offer custom design services. Have a design ready? We love to see your ideas!  No matter the project at hand, we’re always up to a good challenge. Just reach us to make an appointment now!


Lettering in a variety of languages and graphic styles. Customized to your needs.


Photographic tattoos are mainly done in black and grey, to achieve a realistic look through shading.


Color can really make your art pop. We love to use color in our work.


No tattoo is ever too big or too small. We love to do special and discrete tattoos.


Traditional American Tattoos, Realism Tattoos, Watercolor Tattoos, Japanese Tattoos, Illustrative Tattoos, Fine Line Tattoos, Tribal Tattoos, Portrait Tattoos, Geometric Tattoos, Floral Tattoos, Pet Portrait Tattoos, Chicano Tattoos


Vitiligo Tattoo Correction


Vitiligo is a long-term condition where pale white patches develop on the skin. Many people with vitiligo have chosen to get a tattoo. And the results are amazing! Also, tattoo ink isn’t affected by vitiligo. You can see it from another perspective: Your vitiligo is art in itself and a tattoo is just the extra touch! Thus, come have fun with it! Our tattoo artists have everything you need.

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Experienced Tattoo Artists in our Tattoo Studio Chicago

Our Chicago Ink artists demonstrate the highest level of expertise. They offer incomparable attention to your deluxe tattoo. Furthermore, we guide you through your experience. We know how important your tattoo is for you. This is why we only use the best equipment and techniques.
Our services are one appointment away. We offer a clean and comfortable work environment. It is time you benefit from a relaxed atmosphere. Each artist works directly with their own clients. They make their best creating artwork for your costume tattoo.
Also, you can check out the rest of the site to see our work. Thus, wait no longer. We will set up a consultation appointment so that we can discuss your tattoo idea in person. What are you waiting for? Contact Stray Tatts.

Custom Tattoo Shop in Chicago

Our Chicago ink artists demonstrate their talent on your custom tattoo. Our tools and techniques make us the perfect tattoo artists. Also, we guide you through the process and help you with the design of your tattoo. If you want vivid colors, ink touch-ups are a must. This is when you can tell that the tattoo needs a color refresher. Always consider maintenance. Others go for black tattoos. It is the prime shade for most tattoos. Another option is to go for a trendy white ink tattoo. Colorless doesn’t mean boring. These colors are as vivid as others. Either way, our deluxe ink promises the best results.

You can look through a tattoo artist’s portfolio. In this way, you make sure you’re dealing with a professional that takes its tattoos art seriously. Also, you will take a look at colorful unique styles. You can check our Tattoo Studio Chicago’s portfolio.
Stray Tatts has a complete portfolio that gathers many creative designs. But you can opt for a custom drawing. Come and get your best tattoo Chicago. We know how meaningful your tattoo is for you. Thus, we want you to feel happy with the results. We follow state regulations for body art establishments. Our Tatto Studio always puts your safety first. So, wait no longer. The insight studios have into custom tattoos may surprise you. At Stray Tatts, you will receive an excellent service. Visit us today.


Our Work

Visit Our Tattoo Studio Chicago

As soon as you enter our tattoo studio, you’ll notice why we are the best. What can you expect from Stray Tatts? We provide the following:
  • The professional vibe. Both our artists and clients benefit from our professional environment. You know it’s the right place if you can be relaxed. Thus, don’t worry. We make sure you feel comfortable since it takes a while to get a tattoo done.
  • Our artists demonstrate the highest level of expertise when it comes to custom tattoos.
  • We can guide you through your whole tattoo experience. Since you walk in, we assess you in your decisions. Also, we have some recommendations for after and before you get your tattoo.
  • Our tattoo studio offers complete sterility and cleanliness. Your safety will always be our priority,. 
  • We only use the best equipment and techniques for your tattoo. Looking for high-quality ink? At Stray Tatts, you can’t expect less than that.

Covid-19 regulations in our Tattoo Studio Chicago

We take every step necessary to implement the regulations and guidance needed. Your safety is our priority. We follow state regulations for body art establishments for your security. So, why wait? Our Tattoo Studio Chicago is waiting for you.

We use only the very best state-of-the-art equipment and have established the highest levels of cleanliness.  Needles and all our equipment are new and properly sterilized. Also, hygienic guidelines are followed for your security. So, you can check it by yourself!  Our artists will also give you the best tips for the aftercare!

Additionally, we work on appointments only so do not hesitate to send us what you have in mind so we can discuss the details of your piece of art!


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